Busy December, starting with gymnastics

As it seems most every year, December gets really busy really quickly. We have my birthday, Hannukah, and then Christmas after barely recovering from Thanksgiving and we’re often traveling twice in that time. So while I’m still taking pictures I get behind in posting them and documenting our lives. I know you’ll forgive us. So let’s start at the beginning.

At the end of November, Josie dropped ballet and picked up a new gymnastics class at a fancy gymnasium. This is serious gymnastics and Josie’s jumped right in. In the beginning she couldn’t do a bridge at all, now she can get her head off the floor and is almost all the way up.

Josie doing a bridge

She’s inherited her dad’s flexibility I fear. She’s learned so much, although the cartwheels and handstands still stymie her, she’s gotten much braver on the high balance beams and makes a great effort in class. We’re signed up for more classes this month and I can’t wait to see how much progress she will continue to make. They do floor, vault, beam, and bars.

Josie doing a handstand on the beam with help

Josie on the low beam, tipping

Josie walking backwards on the beam

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