30 days of thankfulness: day 21 – dolphins

On Wednesday we went to the Miami Seaquarium which has three different shows featuring dolphins! It was so much fun getting to watch them flip and dive and do all sorts of cool tricks. We were the first ones in the gate and got to the main tank first. The dolphins found us quickly and were so excited to stare back at us through the windows and play around. The girls were thrilled and so amused. Celia played it cool at all the shows, not seeming too interested or happy, but she was concentrating highly as when we got home and in the days that followed she showed us her versions of the dolphins tricks and told us all about them. “Dolphins walk!” “Look at me like dolphin!” We also got to see the killer whale which was really intimidating for me, having read about all the incidents involving killer whales over the years with their trainers. Seeing her jump was awe inspiring and just a moment that feels like it was in slow-motion as she was so massive and jumped so far. Lots of fun pictures from this day.



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