Art in the house

We do a lot of art around our house, painting, drawing, stamping, stickering and general mess making. Both of the girls art has progressed recently to new levels.

Josie has moved onto making some more realistic drawings, especially of people. She likes to draw in circles for joints and for other parts too. Everyone has eyes, nose and a face. She will listen to my direction for making an art project and follow the instructions before taking off in her own direction after she’s done what I ask. She has taken to making up her own projects giving me the directions and requirements. She likes to start off on an idea because she’s excited about a certain material, but sometimes has trouble coming up with the actual idea of a finished result or what part she can contribute, rather than just making me do the whole thing.  Josie loves doing art at school, and when they had two days in a row last week without any art because they had special events, she was seriously upset all afternoon. Celia probably doesn’t get to do as much art since Josie started at school since we just don’t have as much free time.

Celia has now moved on from making all circular motions and mixing all colors and things together to making up and down motions with her hands. Lots of stripes and single color paintings. She pretty much ignores the ‘project’ at hand unless I physically guide her hands and remove the art when it is ‘done’ according to my standards. So long as I’m fast she’ll tolerate my bossiness and is happier when she gets her own free play with the materials.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve made in the last few months. Handprints are always a huge hit.

Torn pieces of tissue paper on contact paper to make a see-through dinosaur.

Both girls love to do body prints.

Celia’s general art these days, this one with markers. Lots of circles still with some back and forth lines.

A mixing primary colors project with finger painting. These last few are all from school, she brings home a few things each day, she likes to choose art projects at free play time.

These final pictures are Josie and Celia, with ‘angry faces’, to scare the witch.

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