30 days of Thankfulness: Day 4 Adventurous eaters

I’m so pleased with how well my girls try different foods and eat a wide variety. Josie’s in a bit of a ‘don’t like it’ phase, but Celia will repeatedly try anything put in front of her. From the Japanese food we had last week, where she devoured the edamame and pickled vegetables (and everything else) to tonight’s dinner of falafel, hummus, cucumber salad, feta cheese and pita that they made into sandwiches just like me and Jordi. They don’t always like everything and aren’t always pleasant dining companions, but in general, they eat a lot of different things including their vegetables, especially in soups. We had a great family dinner out last night too at Christophers in Porter Square. Their ‘tofu sliders’ were divine. The photo below is Celia in the middle of making her hummus, falafel and cucumber salad sandwich.

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