30 days of Thankfulness: Day 3 – Pie

Last week I complained to my dad that no one in our family likes pumpkin pie, except me and him, at least if it’s made with milk. So we tend not to make it for holidays, but I like it and it’s fall, we should have one sometime. So the Saturday after I sprained my ankle he showed up with a crust and some pumpkin and made me a pumpkin pie. This is all that’s left, but considering we had Halloween in there and I’m the only one eating it, that’s not too bad. I’ll definitely finish it up tonight. So thanks Dad for the pie!

In the end too, Josie decided she liked it too. Celia acted like we tried to feed her sewage when she tried it, literally spitting it out and crying.


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  1. Papa Says:

    Don’t forget: Josie helped mix the filling. Glad Josie gave it a try. Cecilia will come around some day.

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