What’s new these days?

Lately Celia has taken off like a rocket on her balance bike. Here’s her looking back at me in the park. She’s off and down the street, picking up her feet and balancing by herself. Thankfully she stops at the corners thus far but she keeps me moving. It definitely speeds up our trips on the way to the park!

Now that Josie’s in school we’ve shaken our routine up a bit. She’s been loving school so far, making lots of friends, lots of art and enjoying her time away from me and her sister. It generally makes for a nicer afternoon as they are happier to see one another, but sometimes Josie is just tired too which is tough to deal with when Celia is ready to roll! After we pick up Josie we have lunch and then Celia takes a nap about 1:30 and every day I offer Josie some worksheets to do, mazes, letters, coloring by number, connect the dots. I put a few different types out for her and she’ll pick what she wants to do. She goes through phases where she’s very interested and then she’ll be completely uninterested, so right now this is what’s working for us. She’s busy while I help Celia fall asleep and even working on all those reading and number skills while having fun. I don’t think they’re terribly inspired, but I don’t force her to do anything so they must be good enough. Then we do a pile of reading, some laundry folding perhaps and Celia’s up after about an hour and 15 minutes.


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