Josie’s first day of school

Today was Josie’s first day of school, ever. Most kids did preschool last year but we just did it informally. Yesterday we had a visiting day in which I went with her to school and they had free play for half an hour and talked to the other kids and teacher a bit. She jumped in and played with all the toys, but was remarkably quiet and generally kept to herself. Today we got ourselves up and ready to roll and over to school on time. Josie just about walked in the door without even saying goodbye. I called her back and she tackled me and Celia before dragging new friend Tess into the room along with her. I hung outside the door for a bit to finish filling out a form, but heard and saw nothing from her and so when I finished Celia and I headed out for our morning together.

Celia seemed to have the hardest time with this transition. She was interested in the classroom and she was also disturbed by leaving Josie behind. She’s also got a cold so that didn’t help things, but she broke down at least four times in the first half hour that we left Josie. We went to the library and the playground to play with others which was fun. We made it back in time to pick up Josie and hear her stories.

Josie’s first thing she wanted to talk about were the songs they started with and ended with. Those really seemed to stick with her. She then told me about snack (goldfish and apple juice) and making some drawings for the ‘gathering mat’ and ‘snack mat’. I’m sure we’ll get to find out more about these things as time goes on and we get to volunteer in the classroom. Josie’s school is semi-cooperative which means after the first few weeks when the kids settle in, one parent joins a day to help out in the classroom.

She also told me that she shared about having gone to Storyland this summer and that the ‘least good part’ was making some drawings. She also liked the playground, even though it didn’t have swings.

The teachers said she did great and everyone was just very hungry and tired today, such a new experience. Hopefully everything will continue to go well. This afternoon was a bit tiring by the end as everyone was worn out from such a new and different day. Tomorrow we’re back to our regular routine and then we’ll start figuring out the new normal for Thursday and Friday! Here’s some pictures, took these on Monday, she wore the same outfit both days as she insisted so she looked the same!

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  1. Pama Says:

    That’s our Josie! Up for a challenge, and ready to make new friends. I hope it’s a great year for her.

  2. Abuela Says:

    Indeed it will be a great year for her….she is so well prepared and smart….Go Jen and Jordi!!!

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