Our trip home from Amsterdam

We had very early morning flights so again we booked car service to pick us up with a van with car seats and take us from our apartment to the airport. We had packed most everything up the night before so we just had to quickly tuck in a few last minute items (oops forgot Jordi’s shaver! but they sent it to us later). We put the girls to bed in their clothes and so after we had loaded up the van we just picked them up and tucked them right into the car and drove away. We had hoped they would sleep, but of course they didn’t. The quick flight to London was easy, but they took our stroller and would not return it. We lucked out that the walk in Heathrow wasn’t crazy like it was on the way to Paris, Josie made it through without being too exhausted. We killed a few hours eating and eating some more around the airport before they finally gave us our gate information and we headed for home. I can barely even remember the flight back to Boston which means it can’t have been too bad. We did some sleeping. More eating and playing with toys. Our girls were getting to be quite the world travelers!

We got home exhausted and Celia tried to get up at 1am local time (7am Amsterdam time) so that was a rough few days but we got back on schedule and made so many wonderful memories and had such a great time learning and exploring together.


And here are a few more photos that just never seemed to fit in somewhere…

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