This mornings wedding

This morning while I was getting ready to head out to the park with the girls they decided to play dress up. Josie decided that they would be having a wedding! I asked who was getting married and she told Celia that she had to get her wedding dress on too. I again asked who she was marrying. After a short period of contemplation, she said ‘each other’. I had to wear a tutu for a wedding hat, Josie was wearing the only other acceptable hat.

Then somehow when I went back to folding laundry the game shifted into the house being on fire and Josie crawling around on the floor saying ‘IS THERE ANYBODY IN HERE?’ like the firefighter did at our firehouse tour. We then followed her around the house crawling until we were ‘outside’ and safe before she and Celia ran back inside to fight the fire with the extinguisher. Bet your wedding wasn’t that exciting.

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  1. Abuela Says:

    Sooo funny!!!

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