Celia’s potty attempt

Celia today was determined to use the potty. She hasn’t yet (not that we are instructing her to, this is her idea). Directly after bath Josie decided she needed to go and sat on the toilet, so Celia got her little potty and brought it in front of the toilet and sat down. She made the ‘sssssssssst’ noise we try to use. She checked the potty. Nothing. She sat down again and grunted. Checked the potty again, nothing, some gas. So she decided to stand up. Now I know if she is successful she is going to make a big mess trying to go while standing, but she is so determined I don’t want to interrupt her. I see all of her body clenching and pushing, her stomach, her legs, her face. More grunts, nothing produced. She stands off to the side of the potty and tries again. And suddenly there is fluid on the floor!

Except it’s vomit, she tried so hard she spit up a bit.

I just hope she continues with her self motivation to use the potty because she wants to be like her big sister, I wouldn’t mind getting her out of diapers sooner.

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  1. Pama Says:

    She’s motivated!

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