Josie’s actual birth day

On Josie’s birthday we had a full house with three extra guests in our little place! We woke up and had waffles for breakfast at home and my parents joined us too. We had the traditional whipped cream, strawberries, butter and syrup on them, fully loaded. Then we headed into present opening where Josie got to open her whole big pile of loot. She got a great well-rounded set of presents from books to art and dress up and our big present to her was a new big girl bicycle. I made her (yet another) cake for us to celebrate with, this time a layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

After some bike riding and playtime, Josie requested italien food for lunch, so we got some takeout from Sabatino’s.  And then we had a hasty cake and singing time as Javier and Bruna had to catch their flight back to Miami.

Celia I think was already napping by cake time, she was too tuckered out to make it. We said our goodbyes to Javier and Bruna and spent the lovely afternoon playing outside with my parents down at Waldo park and down on the bikes. Per Josie’s request I made lentil burritos for dinner and wished her a very happy birthday in the middle of dinner right at 6:39. More cake follows, boy we were full by the end of the day! It was a fun calmer day with us all at home relaxing and playing around the house with all the new fun toys.

Josie has been doing well with her new bike. No training wheels, she can ride across the basketball court and stop herself. Still working on getting going and she wants us to stay with her still too, but her balance bike has prepared her well. Celia has already claimed the balance bike well as hers and is trying really hard to master it already.

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