Javi and Bruna Visit

Just before Josie’s birthday Jordi’s brother Javier and his girlfriend Bruna came to visit us. We tried to show them around town a little, took them to the Boston Common, got some dunkies coffee and went to the playground. We played around the fountain some and met up with Jordi for lunch at his company. Then Celia fell asleep on my back as we walked over through Faneuil hall and down to the carousel on the greenway. Josie got two spins around, once with Javi and once with Bruna before we walked over to the north end and got some cannolis from Mike’s Pastry. At that point we were pretty tired and headed for home, heading out again for a nice dinner at Punjab.

Josie wasn’t unhappy, I’m not sure what expression I caught there. Just ignore her.

It was fun to have some adult cooperative models for a change. But they both sure do blink a lot. They hung out with us until Sunday Josie’s actual birthday, celebrating at her party and on Sunday again with the family before they had to catch a plane back. They were great fun to have help play with the girls, and they all wore each other out! Late at night we also got to catch up a bit and chat which was fun.

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