No, and other such words

Both girls have a focus on the word ‘no’ lately. Josie is fascinated with reading the “No Turn On Red” signs and explaining how it has a ‘no’ and an ‘on’, the reverse. Celia is alternatively just working on the meaning of the word in general and learning to use it, as in ‘no, dont pour that water over my head in the bath’, or ‘no, I don’t want what you’re offering me, oh wait I do.’ Generally at least she is expressing herself correctly, and I feel really bad about the bath thing but she won’t lay down or anything else to rinse her hair. Some of her other favorite words now are ‘art’, as in I want to paint, draw, or otherwise make a mess, and a new wonderful word is ‘help’. She hasn’t learned how to tell us in words that she wants to go outside, she just brings me my shoes. She will also lay down on the ground and pat her diaper sometimes to tell us to change her.

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