Celia’s first birthday party

Last October we had Celia’s first birthday party! It was one of our typical bashes in my parents backyard, although we tried to keep it a bit smaller. We were lucky to be joined by Jordi’s mom, maternal grandmother, aunt and uncle who came to Boston to celebrate with us! We bounced, ate, drank and ran inside for cake as it started to storm a tiny bit. Celia mostly just did her own thing, played with the balls, slid down the slide and did some bouncing. Not too aware of the friends around her yet.

I made carrot cake cupcakes, but as Celia hadn’t had dairy yet we just gave her a vegan one from Quebrada. She was not very interested. She was more intimidated by the huge number of people looking at her and singing. She did try to feed me some though. A few nights later when presented with another of the same cupcakes she was much more interested in digging in the second time.

All the kids as usual love the bounce house. We had to have separate baby and big kid times though as 3-6 year olds and new walkers don’t mix so well together.

The next day she had a bash opening her presents. And as usual, she loved the thing the stuff came in…



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