Red Sox 2011

Last year for his birthday (in Feb) I got Jordi red sox tickets, for September. Just how the schedule worked out. We all went and so Josie and Celia saw their first red sox game in Fenway Park! The game was LONG and the girls carried on through it, eating, drinking, people watching, and cringing at the drunk guys behind us yelling. How is it that the people behind us are always drunk yelling guys? Must be a lot of them at Fenway. Josie got a new hat. Our team lost, painfully. But at the end we snuck down to the good seats and got an up close view of them losing. It’s still so awesome how the park is so small and close up, even if we are in the cheaper seats! I don’t think we’ll bring the girls again for a while as it was just too long for them but the weather cooperated and we had fun.

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  1. Abuela Says:

    Great pictures…fun times!! Loveeee the fact that all of you “snuck down to the good seats” 🙂 ha…ha….you guys are learning well!!! I can see the drunk guys behind you Jen…lol!!
    Go Marlins!!! Oops…Go Rex Sock!!! 😉

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