Sunday with the Howells

Sunday we drove down to Rhode Island to have a visit with our friends and the Providence Children’s Museum. Using our nice shiny new Boston museum membership we enjoyed a free trip (except for the gas) and a new place for the kids to play while the grown ups catch up. Very different from the parties of yesteryear but we had fun and kept the kids busy and tired with new activities. Here’s a few photos from our fun! Josie liked the over-sized light-bright best. Celia loved the water tables and had to be dragged away kicking and screaming for lunch, she’s going to be happy in the summer with the water table.

The light was different all over the museum, so it gave me a real run for my money adjusting settings to try to get usable pictures.

Shortly after this picture was taken Xander turned the pipe and sent the water direction out of the table onto the floor (right near the drain thankfully).

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  1. Stefanie Says:

    I haven’t managed to sort out our pictures, but you can find photos from the Children’s Museum towards the end of the February album…

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