Josie and Celia sharing snack at the park

I now spend too much time chasing my children (and other people’s) around the park and everywhere with my camera trying to get better at exposure and white balance. I feel like I’m getting the technical bits down ok mostly (even if I want a full frame camera so I can do better in low light), but my composition is often more a matter of luck at times other than finding light to shine in the right direction. Of course that luck also has a lot to do with the fact that my subjects move around constantly, almost never listen to direction and don’t much care what I’m trying to do. When I get adults to photograph though I hardly ever know what to do with them, so I should study up on that.

You might also notice it is February and they are wearing spring coats. It is incredibly unseasonably warm this year which has been really nice for avoiding being stuck in the house. We try to get out every time it is nice, much to the dismay of anyone who wants my house to be clean and dinner to be fancy.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    I love and enjoy your compositions.

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