Riding the bus

We ride the bus a lot around here. It gets us to a lot of places nearby and the girls majorly prefer it to the car. It’s easy to hop on and off, no strapping in (except Celia to the stroller or to me, both of which are preferable to the car for her though), and lots to see.

Josie gets a little nervous getting off the bus, she tends to try to push her way through at the same time as the stroller. I tried to talk with her about what she should do if she got stuck on the bus without us (scream and ask the bus driver for help) to help her work through her fears. She isn’t too fond of this idea. Then I remind her what to do if she gets lost somewhere in public without us (look for another mommy and tell her you can’t find your mom). So then she asks ‘but what if I’m lost in the woods?’ Scream, we’ll be looking for you. But what if a bear comes to find me? Climb a tree. But what if the squirrels come after me? Josie, you’re bigger than squirrels, they’ll be afraid of you. She did not seem convinced, I’m not sure I’ll be trying this ‘talk through your fears’ technique again.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    This is another “reto” you start to live as “mom”.

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