I heart Etsy

This year, for my birthday and Christmas gift giving needs, Jordi and I chose to give a lot of our gifts through Etsy. I like the idea of supporting individual people and giving personalized gifts that are more unique than a lot of the things we can get at regular stores. Here’s some of the great things we got and gave:

  • Sticks. I kid you not. We gave Celia some honest to goodness sticks to play with, indoors. They’ve been very popular and are fun for all because they’re not so uniform and are very pleasing to touch, bang, stack, and pretend with.
  • Earrings for my mom, silver infinity shaped. Tons of choices and designs. I won’t link because I don’t want to give away the details of the gift.
  • Bean bags. Celia loves to hurl these things around, practicing her aim and strength. We use random boxes and bins for targets for Josie to practice with and Celia just whips them where ever she wants. Seems that the shop I bought them from isn’t selling more… but I’m sure someone is.
  • Vinyl Stickers for iPad. We got my dad a vinyl sticker to go with his ipad, it was a small pi symbol, as in a math geek. But my dad is also an avid pie baker, so it was a good double joke and just perfect to go with his new toy.
  • Sandwich and snack bags. A few people got these in their stockings, personalized fabric to go with each persons favorite things!
  • Barrettes, super cute! Some fancier barrettes with different styles. These grip hair well, but one did not survive so well after being dropped in Josie’s water glass.
  • Capes. Both girls got personalized superhero capes with their first initial on it to fly around the house in!
  • Princess Dress. Made to order and made to fit, even if both girls enjoy wearing both pieces of it. She wears it all the time.
  • I got a great new purse made to order as well, unique and reasonably priced! It’s become my new camera back actually a lot of the time because it’s just the perfect size.
  • Camera strap which makes my camera significantly more comfortable and prettier.
  • Previously I’ve also bought some reusable cleaning pads to fit a swiffer and bags to store little puzzle pieces.

I highly recommend checking out etsy when you’re looking for those hard to shop people! Just gotta give it a little extra time because it’s not amazon two day free shipping!

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