January 10, 2012, gymnastics and dresses

Today was Celia’s first day of gymnastics class, we’re back with Arlington Recreation and the two girls have back to back classes. They’re really laid back and so Josie gets to mill about while Celia has her ‘class’, which given that she’s 1 is mostly a free for all. But they both liked it a lot and were both really tired by the end. Josie made a new friend with a girl who also has a little sister in the baby class. Josie’s friend Sophie is also in the big kid class with her.

We also came home and had a photoshoot later with one of Josie’s Christmas gifts. Somehow Josie learned to tie a knot, she says from her lacing cards. I guess tying her shoes is next. We won’t be having my mother teach her. I had to relearn how to tie my shoes from my dad later because her bows are always crooked.

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  1. Pama Says:

    I do know how to tie my own shoes, now…

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