Christmas 2011 in Miami

Christmas morning the girls were up their usual early selves and I took a video of them coming down the stairs to find the tree and presents. It’s dark and out of focus. Sorry about that. Most notable is that Celia and Josie both want to know if they get to eat the cookies that Santa didn’t eat, and then Jordi drops most of them on the floor. Pretty much this video is only for the grandma’s, everyone else can skip it.

The girls went for their stockings first while waiting for everyone else to get up and shower. Josie enjoyed that Santa knows her favorite restaurant.

They both wanted things out of each others stocking.


Later on we opened presents. The kids struggled with how long it took for everyone to get through it all, but they did ok playing with their new toys and old toys and the boxes the new toys came in. Celia went around picking up different presents from different piles trying to open them, but then didn’t want to open something when it was her turn!

All in all it was a relaxing morning at home opening gifts. We got some pretty fabulous stuff and lots of gift certificates to spend! We’ve already booked our winter weekend getaway.

Later that afternoon we went to Javier’s new place and got to see all the hard work he’s put into fixing it up. It looks nice and modern! Josie and Celia enjoyed a clarinet performance and banging on the keyboards (both musical and computer). But I guess I forgot the camera because I have no pictures.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Todas las fotos estan muy buenas. La de Josie vestida de repostrera esta de maravilla.

  2. Abuela Says:

    Even though it is dark, I Loveeee the video for grandma’s! We’ll remember to turn on the lights next time. Great pictures too!

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