Getting into more trouble

Celia has picked up some new tricks lately to get herself into trouble. She has learned how to climb into the learning tower and onto the dining room chairs. Thankfully she doesn’t do much with the chairs yet or else we’d have to figure out how to remove those too. I’ve already gotten rid of a footrest and the kid chairs.

She now likes to point, while shoving her hand front and back, to let you know what she wants. She expects you to follow her and do as she says.

Woe be unto you who does not do what she wants when she wants it. I have to make sure that there isn’t something hard behind her head when I have to give her bad news. She will just lay on the floor and cry. She’s having a very hard time learning that while she can influence the world, she does not in fact control it.

She really hates the car. Have I mentioned that? If I have to put her into it more than two times a day (out and then going home) I feel really bad because of how big a fit she makes. Our days have a lot of screaming lately sadly. She is a diva. If I’m eating something, she has to have some too. If Josie is playing with something, she has to have it. If I go into the bathroom or the tub she has to go too.

2 Responses to “Getting into more trouble”

  1. Abuela Says:

    Celia…Celia…Beautiful angel!!!

  2. Pipita Says:

    All the experiences are different. She is her.
    Todas las experiencias son diferentes. Ella es Ella.!!!!

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