Josie at 3.5

Well ok now Josie is 3 and 7 months old… as I’m behind in the blog. As we head into December expect to see me enjoying reminiscing about last summer.

Josie is a full on talking-walking-bike riding person these days. She talks all day from morning to night and never seems to run out of something to say. She has a lot of complaints as well, we’re working on those manners. She often does say please and thank you though. She has a lot of opinions but also changes her mind frequently. I never can tell what she’ll eat some of these days, something was great one day and suddenly it’s no good the next.

With Celia being a little more work to keep track of and keep safe as she gets into everything, Josie is getting more time independently with her friends like Ethan and Zach or Bronwyn. It’s interesting  to hear what she has to say when she comes back from talking to them as they are clearly having some more indepth conversations other than just running and playing games. For instance she’ll tell us about upcoming birthday parties and what’s planned. She also hosted Ethan without his mom for the first time as a playdate, I feel like she and her friends are old enough that I can handle them easily while also entertaining Celia.

She’s pretty trustworthy but if she gets too excited or tired she tends to loose a little control and play rough. Not unusual for her age. She’s a sensitive girl though and has entered into the rough world of childhood play where not everyone is always nice. I’ll find myself being told to ‘go away’ when I try to play with her because someone else said that to her earlier. I wish these things wouldn’t happen to her, but learning to deal with them is part of being a kid. Not everyone is nice in the world!

She’s started to try riding a regular bicycle, I’ll get the video up sometime. She’s been using the neighbors bike and just has to learn to pedal. With some practice I’m sure she could get it but I’m not eager to get her started quite yet as I’d like to wait until spring at least to get a little more common sense to be included with her good balance and strength.

For activities she’s been doing weekly ballet and gymnastics. Gymnastics has ended but ballet has been something she looks forward to each week. She’s made some nice new friends and does a good job listening to the teacher mostly. She’s developed a case of the sillies a few weeks where she’ll throw herself on the floor like she fell down, both in gymnastics and ballet.

She’s a good big sister and getting better about both telling Celia to stop hitting her with her words, and not pushing her over as much. She also has been experimenting with picking Celia up. As long as they both agree and no one gets hurt, I really try not to get involved in what they choose to play together.

Josie has started to make the foray into the world of jokes and humor too. I try to explain jokes to her and she likes them, but doesn’t always get the timing quite right when she tries to do them to you. Ask her about the interrupting cow, hers is too polite sometimes.

Josie has been getting herself dressed now for a long time. She has her own opinion on what matches, stripes and stripes match right? no matter the color. Pink plus pink plus pink match even if they’re all different shades. So long as she is weather appropriate, I just go with it. She often tries to make me pick stuff though, and then picks the opposite. So I mostly decline the offer to choose unless she goes with what I pick because I don’t need oppositional teenage behavior yet!

In the last few months she’s really gotten into art projects as well. Art was previously a short activity until recently as she’s drawing more and painting and cutting and gluing. We’ve made some great stuff together and I really enjoy getting to work on it with her. I’m not a great artist in the drawing, painting, cutting, gluing world… so I look forward to the day when she surpasses me.

As for her numbers and letters and reading, she’s identifying most letters and small numbers and can write some of them unprompted. She’ll ask a lot of questions about signs and is starting to understand that letters can be written in cursive as well.

  • Size/weight: 4, 34lbs, 40.5″ or so on height
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, cheese, pasta, yogurt – this is just really consistent even though she eats a variety of foods
  • Favorite toy: dolls and pretend and most anything that Celia wants
  • Favorite books: Fancy Nancy, LLama Llama
  • Favorite activity: Acting out scenarios with herself, puzzles
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~7:45; gets up ~6:30am
  • New skill: understanding humor and making some jokes
  • Teeth: 20. 10 on the top and 10 on bottom. We’re done!
  • Vocalizations: whining and lying are used, but mostly pleasant and informative

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