Big walker

Today we had a big adventure day for us girls, plus Jordi got to join us a little. First we left right with Jordi in the morning and took the bus and train into the city. Jordi got off the train at Park and we continued to South Station where we got off and walked to the Aquarium. It was cold today but I had them well bundled up. Then around  the aquarium we went until it was lunch time, and only one change of clothes later thanks to the touch tank we headed over to Boylston station to meet up with Jordi for lunch, we took the train this time. Celia fell asleep on my back and Josie got pushed around in the stroller at this point. We enjoyed a nice lunch which Celia slept through most of, we woke her up at the end so she could eat some. Then we brought Jordi back to his office and said hello.

Josie wanted some ice cream so we headed towards Newbury St and got her some at Ben and Jerry’s. Then we walked up to Mass Ave and hopped the buses home. Celia did not like the trains in the morning, I don’t know if it was too loud or dark or what, so I opted for the bus on the way back. I did also give Josie the option of heading home and less walking, but she preferred to walk and have ice cream. I totaled up the distance tonight (South Station to the Aquarium, and Boylston to Hynes) and she walked just shy of 2.5 miles over the day without looking at what she walked inside the aquarium! I’m impressed. Yesterday she walked to ballet class, just about a mile, before doing ballet class too. These long walks do us both good I think, but Celia was pretty miffed at the large amount of time she spent strapped into something. Tomorrow we’ll have to give her more time to mosey around.

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