Josie and new words

Josie has reached a new developmental milestone very clearly recently. Lying. Pretty much it is exclusively about having already (not) washed her hands or used the toilet. Perfectly normal, but interesting all the same as I try to not back her into a lie but instead just show her that what I asked for has not happened.

She also listened closely tonight when I told Jordi to turn off a song ‘because she drops a lot of F-bombs’. Josie then immediately asked ‘whats an F-bomb’? So I decided to focus on the ‘bomb’ end of the word and said it’s something that if you drop it it explodes and breaks things. Jordi added that sometimes they use them to knock down old buildings or mountains for roads. Josie then says ‘well, if someone dropped a bomb on something that doesn’t break, then it wouldn’t be a problem.” We just agreed and let the conversation go at that.

I clearly need to watch what I’m saying even more. And my mother needs to remember to stop saying ‘crap’ in front of the kids too. Hi mom!

2 Responses to “Josie and new words”

  1. Pama Says:

    Oh, Pigs!

  2. Pipita Says:

    Quiere estar clara respecto a lo que oye. Buen sintoma.

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