Better late than never

My kids generally hit milestones early or on time so far . Celia has now met one that most babies meet at about 9 months. She’s learned to crawl. Of course it was unnecessary for her to learn given that she has walked for the last 4 months, but she’s tickled pink that she can do it. She crawls across the rug and stands up and smiles big. She can also do the tunnel at the playground now too, except she hasn’t figured out how to get out of it yet other than to cry for me to help.

I’ve had people tell me that ‘she’ll never learn to read if she doesn’t crawl.’ Now really? how many people do you know who can’t read? Also they say ‘make sure she crawls’. And do tell me how am I supposed to do that? Work with Jordi to grab all 4 limbs at once and go through the motions? If I get down and crawl she just laughs at me. People are idiots.

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  1. Papa Says:

    The little tunnel in our back yard climber was giving her a bit of a challenge a couple of weeks ago. I bet she can ace that now.

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