The swings and other fun summer activities

Today we spent almost the entire day outdoors. After breakfast we went to the park, played all morning until lunch. Came back for lunch and then went to the farmers market in the center of town. After putting the food away we again went outside to play and ended up at the park again (from which I called for Thai takeout because I was done). Playing outside today I realized the huge difference between the spring and the end of summer at the park. Josie is now commanding the ‘big girl’ swings whereas in the beginning of the year we were both a bit nervous about them. She can pump and goes way up high in them, holding on, leaning back and being silly. As I pushed Celia in the baby swings I remarked on this to the guy next to me and he said ‘well next she’ll be jumping from them.’ Yikes. I’m glad that’s not here yet.

Josie can also ride her balance bike all over the place now and rode it about half a mile today at the end of the day even when she was already a bit tired (to the park and then most of the way to pick up said Thai takeout).

The other fun thing we did today was play with some ice. Now this project requires some forethought, but very little work and it kept Josie busy for almost an hour and Celia interested for part of the time too. In preparation for the storm this weekend I had filled up a soup pot with water and frozen it to make my freezer into a cooler if we had lost power, the ice would hopefully keep things cool. So I had a gigantic thing of ice and brought it outside. Josie banged on it with sticks, then rocks and other things. It was a great opportunity to discuss relative hardness. Eventually it melted enough to get out of the pot and then the real fun began as we threw rocks at it. Eventually we got a big rock, about the size of a childrens shoe box and that really started smashing it. Josie threw pieces off the porch, I threw them in the air and it was fun to see them go splat. And at the end, no clean up. My kind of game.

These days it may seem like I only photograph Josie a few times and keep posting pictures from those days… but really the issue is that Josie keeps wearing the same two outfits most all the time. Her frog shirt plus peach skort, or her blue dress. They are pretty much her standard outfits for all days unless they are both dirty or she wants to match Celia. The dress and the skort are starting to get small, they seemed so big such a short time ago. Here’s the shirt.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Esa foto esta excelente!!!. La luz, la expresion de Josie, etc. Congratulations.

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