Celia at 10 months

Celia’s first year continues to speed by. She’s a pretty happy baby these days but watch out if you do something she doesn’t want or try to take something away. She throws a full on head and body fling backwards. She has her own opinions and she’s not afraid to show them.

She has gotten pretty stable on her feet and I don’t worry too much about her walking around on concrete, except our driveway is so bumpy that it is tough. She does not understand the concept of stairs though at all yet, so I have to keep close to monitor anytime we’re near one. She can also climb onto Josie’s bed and doesn’t understand the drop from there either so I spend a lot of my day keeping her from too big of a fall.

She’s very vocal and always love to join in the conversation. Sometimes it really seems like she’s near saying words. She definitely says ‘hi’ back sometimes and it sounds like she’s trying to say ‘mama milk’ right after nursing, but we could be reading into things. Nothing is dramatically clear. She does seem to understand more of what we’re saying though. If we ask her for something she will give it to us more times than not, or at least put it in our hand but not let go. She continues with the sign language, but she drops it when she’s frustrated which is unfortunate since that’s the most needed time!

Something big is going on developmentally though because her sleep has been very disrupted again. She’s fighting naps too often and so getting her to sleep enough to be happy and fit into our daily schedule has been a challenge. It will be nice when she settles again into more of a routine, any routine would be fine.

Celia plays by herself amazingly well. She still always wants to see what Josie and I are up to, she must be in the same room, but she’ll do her own thing unless I’m trying to do something she can’t do (like coloring) and then she breaks it up. If shes fed and not tired she will explore her toys and do new things with them. She also likes to play with balls a lot. She tries to pick up the basketball in the park and kick it.

She has started to pay some attention to books other than chewing on them. She still chews a lot. She will listen to about 4 pages of a book before she just wants to rip it out of my hands and chew. She’ll touch the touchy books and flip the pages, even developing clear preferences for different pages. Celia is very jealous when I read to Josie and wants to be involved but then can’t tolerate sitting still, so it’s tough, we do a lot of reading while she naps. Celia is very interested in music though, she’ll dance to the kids music (including the tea pot) and always is bringing out the musical instruments. Each night before bed she sits down with Jordi while I put Josie to bed and plays guitar. She loves the nightly ritual and is constantly finding things to bang together and see what noise they make.

  • Size/weight: size 12 and 18 month, don’t know exact other measurements probably 18.5 lbs
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, broccoli, black beans, apples, avocado
  • Favorite toy:  whatever Josie has, push toys, anything she can fit in her mouth
  • Favorite book: baby’s first touchy feely book
  • Favorite activity: walking around outside and picking up everything, eating shoes
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8:00; naps 3 hours after she gets up for on average an hour and a half twice a day; gets up 6-7am
  • New skill: steady walking, throwing fits, squating
  • Teeth: 8, four on top and bottom
  • Vocalizations: very loud, ma ma, dada, hi, kah

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