Today my parents cat Ginny passed sadly. She was young, the litter mate of my Fred and George, my last family of foster cats. My parents graciously took her from me when I had too many cats after she had been returned from her first home. She was named ‘ghost cat’ for a long while as she didn’t show up much. But she eventually got comfortable in her new home and was very happy. The vet could best guess that she had some kind of infection which caused kidney failure, very fast.

It’s hard to figure out how to explain it to Josie, she does not understand the concept that our bodies don’t last forever. She asked where Ginny would go now that she’s not at Pama’s house. We said we didn’t know, she guessed Florida. She tried her best to come up with a solution (couldn’t the mailman bring medicine? why don’t the doctors give her any?) to the intolerable situation. Hopefully for Josie, the memory and the sadness will just fade, and for the rest of us we get to keep our happy memories of a very skittish but loving cat.

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  1. wing Says:

    miss you, ginny. even though you were shy, you were sweet.

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