What’s happening today?

Well Celia has decided to let go and walk more. She can now also turn herself around while walking, so she is no longer restricted to the options of sit or go when you stand her up to walk. She has gone about 4 ft maximum walking now, but she can’t get herself off the floor to standing yet without something to pull on.

Josie has started to sort things. By color, by shape. She had never seemed to notice before. Makes an over-organized mom proud.

2 Responses to “What’s happening today?”

  1. Pipita Says:

    Que abono le das a Celia para que se desarrolle tan rapido? Va disparada como un cohete!! Josie se ve que va siendo clara en todos sus pensamientos. Cada dia sorprende mas. Estan encantadoras. Besos.

  2. Abuelos Says:

    Both so adorable and clever, love the matching outfit!!! Wish we could huge them….can’t believe a month has passed since our family cruise ended……

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