Sorry to the maintenance crew in the bank lobby

We’ve had a rough couple of days here. Wednesday morning Josie went to her first dentist appointment ever. Our insurance is doing weird things and decided they weren’t covering her, so we’re trying to work out the payment stuff while they’re trying to get us in for cleaning. Josie has been preparing well for this day, lots of book reading and play acting. She was happy to look at the tools and would sit on the chair in my lap. She sat with her mouth open the entire time. Every time someone new came in, she opened her mouth. If anyone looked at her, she opened her mouth. Without being asked. I could physically feel and hear her taking many deep breaths to calm herself down throughout the whole thing. So even though it was clearly tough, she did great. The most painful part being where they took me in the back room and told me to pay the bill because of the insurance mess-up.

Later that afternoon Josie completely fell apart for no apparent reason. She seemed a little hot to me, but that often happens because she just runs warm. She got home and continued to be a total stress ball, didn’t want to do anything but be held, I figured maybe it was steam from the dentist appointment blowing off. She decided to go into her room and get her blanket right before dinner, and before I knew it, she was asleep. She slept for an hour and woke up crying. Wouldn’t eat any dinner so we put her back to bed and she woke up a lot at night crying until she could finally tell Jordi that her ears hurt. The poor girl just kept asking him to ‘solve the problem’. Some motrin solved it for a while and in the morning we called the doc and got an appointment to confirm her double ear infection.

She spent the morning hanging onto me and then napping on me when Celia took her nap. She woke up from her nap and immediately called for me, which was pretty funny considering I was underneath her. We got her medicine and the day went better.

This morning I continued with her antibiotic. I had a podiatrist appointment for my messed up foot and I took the girls and my mom who also had an appointment for her messed up foot. Celia was napping in the car with my mom so I took Josie in with me, and went into the lobby. Looked at the chart to see where the office was, turned back to Josie and a big pile of pink food on the ground. Then she threw up, again, and again, and again.

I managed not to toss my own cookies thankfully too as I am prone to do. I cleaned her up a little and rushed up to the office upstairs, told the bank on the first floor about the mess and cleaned Josie up in the bathroom. Josie got to wear Celia’s shirt because I didn’t have any tops for her. Somehow she fit right into the 12 month onesie, guess they have the same chest size pretty much. It was probably car sickness from the long ride combined with her ears being blocked. Thankfully she seemed better and she did great at the doctors office watching me get an X-ray and such. Turns out I have a bone spur on my heal and will be getting orthodics.

Right now, Josie’s sleeping. She did fine the rest of the day. After the appointments we went to my old childhood bakery, Rosenfelds and bought 3 dozen bagels (to be enjoyed over time from my large freezer) and some challah and babka. I highly recommend it all, I’ve enjoying eating far too much of all of the stuff today.


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  1. Marcus Says:

    Hey, sounds tough. If you guys can’t make it tomorrow we TOTALLY get it. All our best to your little one and for your foot.

  2. Pipita Says:

    Siento no poder ehcar una manito en los momentos dificiles, pero estamos muy distante. Besos

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