Vacation! Trip to Fort Lauderdale

We left for our cruise on a Friday to give us lots of breathing room for a ship that left on Saturday afternoon.The girls did pretty well on the flight down there although we flew Spirit (aka nickel and dime air) and the infant seat could not fit in-between their seats even though we had tons of empty seats in which to put it. Had we actually bought a seat, they would have had to bump the people in the bulkhead seats for us to make us fit. Celia is not quite as good a flier as Josie was, she was more agitated but still did ok, just wore us out some more. We flew directly to Fort Lauderdale and stayed on the Sheraton on the beach (a nice splurge for us!) so we’d have easy access to fun play time in the sand and surf.

We got a room right next to the beach and we headed out for some play in the sand and surf. Josie had just about no interest in the water at all and Jordi declared the water to be cold (in May, in Fort Lauderdale). You can guess how much he likes the water here in new england in the summer! I got in the water a little, Celia hung out on the blanket and played with the towels and sand. We played in the pool too and got some food.

We got a reminder never to turn out backs on the kids near the pool because Josie just completely ignored the steps in the pool and dropped in over her head and I got to pull her out, thankfully I was only two steps away. I tried not to show how scary that was for me. It was an infinity pool and so we had to pull her back from the edge repeatedly too.

That night after dinner the sun was setting wonderfully and I dragged the girls outside for a quick photoshoot for 5 minutes and I liked some of the shots I got, even if she wasn’t terribly cooperative. In the morning we went back out onto the beach, played on the nearby playground, and checked out the lifeguard towers. Then we showered, packed up and headed to the cruiseport!

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