Celia at 7 months

On the 17th Celia turned 7 months old. On the actual day, we spent our time traveling back from Miami.

Cecilia is a bundle of energy, always wanting to walk and cruise around. She is not content for long at all to sit and play with toys, she is constantly pulling herself up on things. I can find her in the strangest positions if I leave her sitting for a minute, she ends up traveling quite far with her lunges and rolls. She can walk a little with one hand now pretty steadily, but prefers two for really speedy walking. She knows where she wants to go too, the bathroom being a favorite forbidden spot. She can get onto her knees and roll all around, but she hasn’t chosen that as a form of transportation yet other than in bed.

She is having some separation anxiety too, right on time to go along with those walking skills. It seems I can hand her off to someone generally ok, but if that person tries to pass her along all bets are off. She’s had a lot of practice with new people with our vacation and really enjoys playing and smiling with new people, although sometimes at a distance. She loved all the attention on the cruise, she may have been the youngest baby on the ship as 6 months old is the minimum.

She’s loving her eating time and sits longer than anyone else at dinner. Celia continues to mostly only chew on books and try to grab them when I’m reading to Josie. She loves Josie and lights up when she enters the room. She always wants to touch her and pull Josie’s hair so we have to work on that a lot. She’s gotten better with petting the cats, now she mostly pets and then will eventually grab.

Celia is very content to be carried around a lot, but she gets sick of the house pretty quickly these days. She wants to be out and about seeing new things!

  • Size/weight: 9 and 12 month size, 16.5 lbs? sorry second kid, I have no idea how much you actually weigh right now
  • Favorite food: breastmilk, broccoli
  • Favorite toy: anything Josie has
  • Favorite book: just eating any of them
  • Favorite activity: walking, watching Josie, splashing
  • Sleeping: waking all the time, 2 -3 naps, one long one usually, up at 7, in bed at 8.
  • New skill: walking holding on to one hand, cruising
  • Teeth: 2 bottom center
  • Vocalizations: not too many, focused on walking

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Va evolucionando velozmente. Al ritmo de estos tiempos. Excelente. Besos.

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