Zoo with the Feigenbaums

This Saturday we met up with Lee, Lynn and Seth for a fun morning zoo trip at the Franklin Park Zoo. They graciously tolerated our lateness and we had a fun time walking around the park. We haven’t taken Josie to this one in a while, maybe not since last mother’s day. She spent most of the time asking to go on the carousel as that’s what she wanted to do. I think she enjoyed some other parts too though. The baby gorilla was crazy cute and the new budgie exhibit was fun because they sell some bird seed on a stick for too much money, but then the birds do this to you.

Josie dropped the first stick much to our chagrin, but we got the hang of it with the second one and Jordi had the birds literally eating out of his hand, and all up his arm. That’s Lee, Lynn and Seth in the background there. Lee and Lynn also accommodated my request to take a few family pictures of us in the beautiful weather, I’ll show those later.

Celia loved watching all the people and Seth, I’m not sure she noticed the animals too much, except for the Zebra, she noticed them a lot. Can’t wait until the giraffes are finally put out for exhibit, it’s too cold right now for them.

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  1. Pipita. Says:

    La expresion de Josie indica que ella no acepta del todo, a los pajaros encima de ella. Esta muy bien!!! Besos.

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