Early walkers

I have been accused by my friends of doing something like this to my children to produce such early walkers.

So I figured I might as well do it. My dad and I built it this weekend. They both love it, Josie uses it for gymnastics. Celia uses it to cruise. There is a lot less whiny baby at our house now. Give her another month and maybe we can pass it on to someone else for their calisthenics. I only wish we had this over the winter for Josie to get some climbing in on.

All the stuff on the floor is Josie’s easter loot. We are no-fun parents, she got no candy, just toys and other things. Wooden teething toys (both of them, cause all Josie wants to do is play with Celia’s stuff and wood figures can at least be used creatively in addition to being chewed on), a coloring book, bubbles, headband and underwear.

We spent the rest of Easter at my parents house doing an easter egg hunt and digging in the ground to plant some new raised beds for the plants we’ve been growing. I made a new vegetarian meatloaf (the all-time favorite one) which I highly recommend even though the recipe sounds weird.

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