Gardening week 3 and 4

I continue to have a mostly black thumb although thus far we are growing some good zucchini plants. On week three the basil and impatiens looked like this.

I separated them and moved them to my mom’s house and so no photos of them now but there are tons of little cups of plants all over her house because she has more space. We’re really not sure how many we’ll need to keep, but we haven’t even built the raised bed yet so we’ve got some time to think it over.

By week 4 here’s what our house had:

Those are the zucchini plants that managed to grow. I replanted some seeds and planted some new ones and now seem to have the hang of growing zucchini plants. We may have many to give away. How many zucchini plants does one need to get a reasonable yield? Anyone willing to help will definitely be given the fruits of our labor too! We’ve got at least 20 of them now (5 or 6 weeks in) all growing strong. Basil isn’t looking so great, but the impatiens perked up since getting replanted where many of them didn’t make the transfer.

I also planted some butternut squash in that tub on the left. They have not grown into anything at all. I tried planting some more of them less deep and I believe I may have sprouted two, but I didn’t label them well so they might just be zucchini plants too. I tried removing some of the top soil on those plants. I don’t know what I did wrong, the package said to bury them two inches in, but again, I am not good at this. Good thing I don’t have to grow my food for a living. If anyone has any helpful advice about planting and growing these things I’m all ears.

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  1. Susan Says:

    On the zucchini, you will need a bunch. Zucchini actually have sexes and you need both male and female flowers if you want fruit. I can not tell them apart personally but you may want to do research. I am guessing you will want a minimum of 6-8 plants, though you can put them in mounds with more than one plant on top of each other in my experience.

    Ok that is my great zucchini growing knowledge.

  2. Stefanie Says:

    I’ve heard that zucchini tend to spread tremendously, so you may soon have more than you could ever possibly want.

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