Celia at 5 months

Last Thursday Celia turned 5 months old. I cannot believe how fast time is flying with my two girls and how much they keep growing and changing.

Celia’s biggest trick lately is her solid sitting and her immediate desire to walk constantly. If she’s sitting she will try to grab anything she can to pull herself up to standing, including the baby gym at my parents house, doing a pullup in the process. She loves to walk around the house holding onto our hands and has definite goals in mind now. I need to sit down and get a video of her doing it, but that requires coordinating with someone else to hold her to run the video.

She loves to watch Josie, her favorite entertainment, and she’s always thrilled to be out of the house and be carried around. She rejects the stroller like her big sister, unless it’s the super expensive Bob double where Josie rides along with her when we walk further.

She still likes to play with toys, mostly she wants whatever Josie has got. She has made me feel better about some toys I bought for Josie that Josie ignored, Celia is now playing with them so at least they’re getting some use. Sophie the giraffe is definitely the favorite though and she is very dexterous about sticking all pieces of her in her mouth.

Her sleep is currently terrible (hourly wakings most of the night), but I seem to be better at dealing with it this time. Maybe because I now have the knowledge that some day she will sleep too. I’m also making myself go to bed earlier and we’ve been bed-sharing since day 1. Plus Celia is a quick nurser and so we’re both back to sleep fast. Still, if you watch me during the day you’ll see me fall asleep on my feet occasionally while I try to make my brain think about what’s next.

She’s a pleasure to all those around her, although she’s a bit more wary of smiling at everyone these days, now you’ve got to work harder for those smiles. Might be related to all the teething she’s been doing, only one tooth so far, but there are definitely more coming soon. Lately she’s also stopped her nice baby cooing and instead learned how to screech, which is less cute and harder on the ears. She’s often happy, unless she wants to walk and is stuck sitting on the floor.

  • Size/weight: 9 month size, around 15 lbs, don’t know height at the moment.
  • Favorite food: breastmilk
  • Favorite toy: sophie the giraffe
  • Favorite book: just eating any of them
  • Favorite activity: walking, watching Josie
  • Sleeping: waking all the time, 2 -3 naps, one long one usually, up between 6-7:30, in bed between 8 and 9.
  • New skill: walking holding on, pulling herself up
  • Teeth: 1, center bottom right
  • Vocalizations: ear piercing screech

Here’s a video of her watching cars go by and squealing.

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Increible como pasa el tiempo. Celia esta muy hermosa. Es un capullo en flor, y esta muy avispada. Parece que tuviera mas tiempo.

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