Seeds after week 1

I think my daughter has a greener thumb than me. She planted one zucchini seed, then I ‘showed’ her how to do the rest, and guess which one zucchini seed has grown into a real plant? We’ve got quite a few basil plants now, some impatiens and our one lone zucchini. I had to replant the zucchini in a bigger pot too, that thing is growing like hotcakes. I replanted the rest of the zucchini seeds in the Josie method, but I may just need to start fresh with others. Today we also planted some butternut squash seeds. We may have some plants to share I’m hopeful, but I really do have a black thumb so I’m not too hopeful. I may yet kill all the basil when I need to separate them soon.

There’s the one zucchini, it will be much easier to see this week.

And there are the tiny basil plants. They’re now all hitting the roof’s of my recycling planters.

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