Starting seeds

Yesterday afternoon I stepped outside of my comfort zone and helped Josie plant some seeds in some dirt, on our dining room table. It’s too cold to go outside, but it’s time to get these seeds started so we can have some plants come summer. We planted zucchini, basil and impatiens. Josie is very excited for the zucchini pasta and pesto to be forthcoming from these plants. Let’s hope they grow. I am not known for my green thumb. Nor am I one to like a mess, this was a challenge for me to make it work. Josie did a good job listening mostly and not spreading the dirt around too much. Mio only made about three trips walking through the dirt that was inevitably on the floor. Next time I am going to presoak the dirt so it’s all wet instead of having to mix it up in these tiny containers.

I really do prefer my dirt outside. We were supposed to do this with friends but I’m glad we got a trial run without anyone there first. The other thing I’d change is get more plants with bigger seeds for the kids. The zucchini was great, huge seeds to push into the dirt. The other two were TINY and basically were just sprinkled on top, I did some and who knows where the one’s Josie added ended up. We’ll see what grows!

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Que maravilla. Josie se va paseando por todos los campos del saber. Bravo!

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