Girls and boys suits

Josie has one bathing suit that is a pair of board shorts, she’s got a rash guard shirt to go with it. When we went to the cape a few weeks ago she just did not want to wear the shirt, she wanted to be like the boys. I tried to get her to wear it, but instead of making a big fight I figured that plenty of boys these days have long hair and no one would really give it a second look on a two year old. How do you explain that girls wear shirts because her top half of course looks just like a boy at this age, without bringing shame or discomfort with her body? She understands the physical differences of boys and girls, but I hate to throw the societal rules on already. So she had fun, although I think she was wishing for that shirt later when she got cold! She already asks for privacy in the bathroom, I’m sure she’ll pick up on this later.

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