joy of LOVE 20: when they’re home

Today’s project was to capture what it’s like when they’re home. There’s several aspects to a day with Josie and Celia, the constant need for someone to eat, the chores, and the playtime. Here’s a few glimpses. One of Josie’s jobs when I can remember is to put the recycling in bags. The problem is that sometimes she finds treasures in there that she won’t give up which drives me nuts, because I had put them there so they’d go out of the house! It also makes disposing of some of her over-copious art work more challenging because I can’t put it in the recycling bin.

She’s also always involved in our chores whenever she can manage. Here is a photo of her, in the middle of Jordi changing our sheets, where she is moaning ‘ugh my appendix, take my appendix out’. Josie’s been a big fan of Madeline lately and she has her appendix removed. She’s of course messing up the bed that Jordi just worked so hard on. Note the second born doesn’t manage to have two socks on.

And finally, another baby view of how the world looks as your big sister just does not stop moving. Ever.

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