Celia at 4 months

Today Celia is four months old and today she rolled over for the first time! To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I put her back, and she did it again! Then I did it again and she rolled again. Josie was unimpressed, “I can roll over?!” She rolled a third time for me so I got the camera set up to take a video. Then she just lay on her tummy and cried. Poor girl. She wouldn’t do it for daddy again later either.

Yesterday we took her into the doc and all is well. She’s been growing like a weed and is now 14 lbs 6 oz (64%), a full pound bigger than Josie was at this age and 25.75 inches long (96%), a quarter inch longer. She’s about to grow out of the infant sized prefolds and is much happier in the larger sized prefolds or our thirsties all in one diapers I had with Josie. They held a major poop last night so I’m comfortable that they aren’t too big.

She’s started giving me super sweet open mouth baby kisses on my face! Sometimes literally trying to suck my face.

She’s demanding more attention and more upright time. She can sit with some support for a long time, and with no support for 30 seconds or so a few times. Then she gets tired and needs some help standing or sitting. She’s definitely on the fast track for getting mobile too, she tries to move her legs already. She likes to look at books a lot and play with her little toys. Most of all she loves other people, we took her to sing-a-long today and she just loved it. Every time we take her to a place with a lot of people she gets very vocal for the rest of the day telling us all about it.

Her sleep is ok at night for a baby. During the day she’s the poor second kid, so she gets jerked around all day doing whatever Josie and I want to do. She gets one good nap during Josie’s quiet time in the afternoon, but today that was only a whopping 1 hr long. I think she’s a little out of sorts with her cold and vaccinations yesterday.

Here she is with her sister, who can’t seem to get enough photos taken of her despite the fact that I’m focusing on her the entire month every day! Celia’s feet can touch the bottom well in this bouncy seat now too, couldn’t do that a week ago!

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