joy of LOVE 16: together

Today’s assignment was a self-portrait which is tough because I only get a short time to click the controller to take a picture before Josie demands her turn. Plus we took Celia into the doc this morning and Jordi had to work late so we didn’t have much time. Wish we had more natural light but the day keeps getting away from us and someone always needs a diaper or a trip to the bathroom or some food. Plus with our houses being so close to the neighbors and the 100+ year old tree out front, we don’t get as much light in the winter with the sun low in the sky. I’ll have to focus on finding more sources of natural light in our house that make nice lines and clean backgrounds. The windows need to be cleaned too, I’ll do that once winter is over.

Forgot my cardinal rule of removing the bib before photos. Here’s another attempt I tried earlier in the day, but the pictures were mostly aimed too high and my natural light wasn’t enough.

Oh no, tomorrow is another photo of the two of us together using a timer. Yikes.

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