joy of LOVE 12: eyes

You might notice I skipped day 11. I’m still working on that photograph. Today’s assignment though was eyes, trying to capture the light in them. I really like this one of Celia, makes me want to wipe the drool off my screen. She’s making funny faces as she’s working to sit up.

Or maybe you like black and white better? I’m never quite sure when to do the black and white, I feel like I always like color, but I am often so pleased when I see other people’s photographs in black and white.

Josie mostly refused to look at me today with the camera. I got this one while she was busy eating cake at Zach’s birthday party. I shouldn’t really call it cake. She just picked up the volcano made out of icing on her fork and ate that while I ate the actual cake.

2 Responses to “joy of LOVE 12: eyes”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    I prefer the color on the photo of Celia because it shows the rosiness of her cheeks. I think black and white works best when there is a lot of spacial contrast, a lot of depth, but I don’t know what the professional answer is to that question.

  2. Pipita Says:

    Yo prefiero las fotos a color. Tienen mas vida. Besos

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