joy of LOVE 10: space

Today’s assignment is to photograph their spot in the house, where they are comfortable. While Josie has never been a frequent or great sleeper (the nap is already gone *cry*) she enjoys spending part of her time playing every day in bed. Our bed, her bed, no matter. They’re all still on the floor since we co-sleep and Celia will eventually be getting herself out of bed and we don’t want it to be a big fall. Today’s shot also shows my first pictures of Celia sitting up, she only gets a few seconds now before she topples but she’s on her way, as of last Saturday she couldn’t sit up at all.

These were taken in our bedroom after Josie decided that immediately following quiet time it was her birthday party in our bed. Hence she is wearing her ‘birthday’ dress, better than her bathing suit that she had on earlier.

I know this photo is opposite of how people usually want it, the mirror imagine is the one out of focus, but it just captured my eye.

And I just continue to play around with the camera some. Josie is sulking as I take photos of Celia, can’t leave her out of the shot, but she doesn’t want to cooperate either.

Here are some photos of Josie from a similar age. They really look very similar still, Celia’s just definitely got some more chunk on her.

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  1. Stefanie Says:

    Xander is looking at the photos with me and he keeps insisting that Celia is Baby Zoe.

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