joy of LOVE 9: Hobby

Today’s assignment was to get a photo of  them doing something they love and that is a passion. Gymnastics isn’t happening right now and Josie has new and different interests every day and so it’s hard to define her hobbies as of yet. But one fun overarching theme is her enjoying art projects and making a mess. She’s very much into the process at this point as opposed to the finished result, still I often have to get her to slow down and not just rush to be done. She can use a page of stickers in a minute flat.

Here’s she’s working on two valentine’s day crafts. The string is dipping in watered down glue and will be molded into the hearts and dry ideally into a heart shape. I think that project might fail unfortunately but we’ll see how it looks tomorrow when it dries. Also you can see the pile of crayons in the corner which we’ve torn all the paper off of (that took a long time and she kept at it!) and then melted into a silicone heart mold to make new multicolor crayons to give as gifts. It was a crafty afternoon. We didn’t feel like going to Costco, guess we’ll have to make that trip tomorrow morning instead.

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