joy of LOVE: What they do

In an effort to get myself to pick up the camera some more and play with it with the girls I joined a project called Joy of Love. It’s basically a bit of photography class combined with a bit of inspiration for what to guide your photos. You’re supposed to focus on something you love, and you can shift each day, but I’m mostly going to focus on Josie. Things have been challenging for all of us with this 2.75 year old and so I want to highlight some positives and make sure to take time for some attention on her, and maybe even make her comfortable enough not to look away from the camera.

Day 1: What they do

So perhaps the rules are one photo picked per day, but this isn’t school, who needs rules.

This is Josie playing with some toys on the couch. It’s a little overexposed unfortunately but I think it just shows her gorgeous hair and pink lips.

Josie really likes to play with lots of little things lately, putting them in bags, lining them up, stacking them, carrying them around and distributing them. Here she lines up the numbers from her clock plus some lacing animals and a coin from her cash register for Mio. The light these days is super super harsh inside because of all the snow so I had to play with the exposure a bunch of times just to get the shapes to remotely show up. This scene ended with Mio swatting at Josie when she tried to move a piece that was near him, her crying briefly and him running away. Oh well.

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