Snowy snowy day

We’ve had a lot of snow. Snow at Christmas, snow again last week, snow again yesterday. Big big storms. So now we’ve got a big big pile of snow in front of our house. I’ve had to knock the pile over closer to the house twice so far just so we can continue to pile more snow on top of the pile near the drive way and sidewalk. As a small child who doesn’t have to shovel though, I can see how Josie thinks it’s pretty neat. It is also very useful for getting some of her energy out with climbing up and down and around. These pictures are from last week’s storm. Now the snow pile is up so high and so wide that I can toss Josie off of our front porch onto the top of the pile, and she can look directly into our front windows of the house while standing on it.

Ouch my aching back. Yesterday’s storm we were down a shoveler because our neighbor was out of town so we hired some teenagers to work on it, but I still put in a good two hours in addition to three of them working for an hour and a half plus Jordi doing some too. We also joined forces with our neighbors and had Ethan and Zach at our house so all the kids could be together and three adults could shovel at once.

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