Christmas in Boston part 2

Since we went to Pennsylvania this year for Christmas we opened all our gifts between us and my parents here in Boston rather than lug them back and forth, because it’s just too much these days. We started early on a Sunday, following the video I posted about a week ago having some more cinnamon rolls that I had made (see Thanksgiving food post). Here’s what it looked like before Josie woke up and my parents brought their gifts too.

We had a fun morning opening gifts. It was nice to have everything be so leisurely and let Josie just open a gift and play with it if she wanted to right then and there, as compared with birthdays when it’s often a big string of presents to just keep opening in a row. Josie also offered to help everyone else open their gifts quite nicely and also accepted help opening up her own. Here she opens up Celia’s gift of silverware (hey how much does a second kid of the same gender who can’t even manipulate toys yet need?).

Here Celia looked like she was more ready to get in on the action when Josie opened up her wall decoration stickers.

Lest you think Celia got all the gifts, Josie got a few too. Including an easel for her learning tower which is great for her to use while I cook, the cardboard kitchen I made, a big towel since her baby towels were leaving her uncovered and cold, and a doctors dress up kit.

Then we took it easy on ourselves and ordered Chinese takeout. I had enough to do already without planning and executing another feast!

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  1. Abuela Says:

    Our beautiful granddaughters!!! Soooo cute!!! Love the cardboard kitchen!!

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