Thanksgiving 2010

Just to back pedal a bit, this Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to be visited by Jordi’s mom, dad, sister and paternal grandmother since well we uh just had a baby and weren’t up for making the trip to Florida just yet. We did a big thanksgiving dinner and had fun Fall outdoor playtime (froze the southerners in the process).

Josie made special Thanksgiving place setting decorations. We saved a bunch of paper towel and toilet paper rolls and she painted each one. Then we glued ‘feathers’ onto them to make it look like native american headdresses. I don’t think Josie caught what they were supposed to be, but she enjoyed the process. Jordi enjoyed collecting the paper recyclables as it always seems like we should be able to do something crafty with them.

Happy (very) belated Thanksgiving!

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  1. Stefanie Says:

    Hah! I hate recycling the toilet paper rolls because I always feel like I’ve missed out on a crafty opportunity. I’m happy to see that someone has put them to good use!

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